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Close up of a buttonbush flower in full bloom

In Production

A Note About This List

This list is for the curious. It's not a promise, it's my practice.


As a small scale grower I'm at the whims of every normal garden woe - weather, pests or disease, even the variations of seed quality from year to year. This list includes every plant that I am currently nurturing to grow, from seeds in flats of soil, to young trees and shrubs selected from my wholesale native plant growers.

Even species that are easier to grow may still fall victim to a night of voracious slug feeding, or a dangerously windy night. I simply cannot guarantee any offering in a given year. So please enjoy perusing my "growers wish list". Follow me on Instagram or Facebook all season long to see real time updates of my successes and plant availability, and know that if a plant on this list never makes it onto those availability lists, that next year is another year. 


For current plant availability throughout the growing season, follow us!

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